Defining Success and Maximizing Your Strengths with Bryce Fisher – BtG 002

Defining Success and Maximizing Your Strengths with Bryce Fisher – BtG 002

What You Will Learn

  • Learn to define success
  • Study your craft
  • Maximize your strengths
  • Be real about your weaknesses
  • Identify the gap between where you are and where you’re expected and fill it.
  • The power of a wedge buster
  • Be great at where you are right now to get promoted
  • How to get back into your routine after a significant loss
  • Don’t live in the past
  • The value of family and close friend support
  • The power of having getting opportunities to succeed and borrowed credibility
  • How to be financially free
  • It’s not just who you know, it’s who knows you
  • The value of empathy in high finance
  • In helping someone take your job, you can both win

Bryce had a long successful career in the NFL followed by a long and successful career in Investment Banking. He talks about the value of a nurturing home life. As he grew older, he made a practice of finding mentors to help him achieve his goals combined with the discipline to examine his weaknesses and maximize his strengths.

Listen as we learn, how do you get people to take you seriously as a football player in investment banking. What does it take to close a $3B deal? What does losing the super bowl feel like?

You’ll learn a lot from the conversation with Bryce.

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