Welcome to the Breaking the Glass Show – BtG 001

Welcome to the Breaking the Glass Show – BtG 001

What You Will Learn

  • This show is for people of color
  • This show is for all races
  • You’ll learn my philosophy for how people of color will succeed
  • We need to publicize stories of successful people of color
    • It’ll inspire others
    • It’ll provide a blueprint for success for others
  • I’m a chill Christian, husband, dad, and clown
  • We’re forming a community

Breaking the Glass is the fruition of years of thought and planning. In this episode, you’ll learn why I made this podcast in more detailĀ along with who it’s for, which is everyone even though it’s aimed at people of color. But white people have a lot to gain listening as well and are welcome.

I also talk about the show format which is long form interview and then you’ll get to know me and see a little about the humor, experience and focus I bring to the table.

I know you’re going to enjoy the show and we will build a community of Glass Breakers together.

Please subscribe to the podcast and leave me a review and rating on iTunes. It helps the rankings and helps people find the show. I read them all and look forward to hearing from you.

Click here to hear the first interview, Episode 2 with Bryce Fisher now.

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TQ Senkungu

I'm a husband, father of 3 boys, Christian, and man who learned from my parents early on that there is so much we can do to help others. My experience from the USAF Academy, serving in the military, working in my own business, as well as corporate, has taught me a ton about leadership and developing others and Breaking the Glass is a legacy project to pull all of those experiences together and give back.


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TQ Senkungu

I’m TQ Senkungu a leadership evangelist. My background at the US Air Force Academy, as an active duty officer, a corporate professional, entrepreneur, and nonprofit professional are all coming together to make this show a fun educational experience for all including me.

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