From Nonprofit Grant Writer to Raising $100 Million with Shaun Randolph – BtG 003

From Nonprofit Grant Writer to Raising $100 Million with Shaun Randolph – BtG 003

What You Will Learn

  • Social enterprise is going to displace many areas of nonprofit grant driven work
  • Have a business person on your nonprofit team
  • Use every tool at your disposal to learn
  • LinkedIn is a resource made for networking
  • Be persistent in building your network
  • Get clear about what you’re trying to ultimately accomplish
  • Tailor your offer to your target audience
  • There is value in having a supportive spouse
  • Don’t be afraid of failing. Use it as a learning experience.
  • A powerful why can keep you focused on your ultimate goal
  • Overnight successes never happen overnight
  • Share your progress with your network
  • Keep pushing toward your goal
  • Don’t just think about an idea, go out and build it
  • There is untapped investment opportunity in communities of color

Shaun Randolph came to Los Angeles with AmeriCorp with the mindset that he would work with nonprofits to help them with grant writing and fundraising to do projects that would help change under served communities. What he found was that the model wasn’t sustainable. He worked for four years starting businesses with ever evolving ideas to come up with a way to use the principles he was learning in investment banking and private equity to help fund development in communities of color.

Listen to his story of how he started several companies and ultimately partnered with a long established private equity firm where he is currently raising $100 million for investments in communities of color.

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TQ Senkungu

I'm a husband, father of 3 boys, Christian, and man who learned from my parents early on that there is so much we can do to help others. My experience from the USAF Academy, serving in the military, working in my own business, as well as corporate, has taught me a ton about leadership and developing others and Breaking the Glass is a legacy project to pull all of those experiences together and give back.


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  1. Loved hearing Shaun’s story. He is persevering in spite of the challenges he has faced. Much success in future endeavors, and thank you T.Q. for creating this forum so we can hear of these individuals who are trying to make a positive difference in our communities.

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